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I am  Rana N. Kabir  and this is the online version of my resume.

As you will note, I am currently employed by the Information Technology firm of Enterprise Network Design & Solutions. (ENDS, LLC.) as an IT Consultant.  I also occupy a seat on the Board of Directors of DDI as well as ENDS, LLC. of Rockville MD and Ridgehouse Cytokines, Inc. (RCI) of Chicago Illinois.

I have assisted in the development of the business plans (with emphasis towards using technology for efficiency and competitiveness) and the network infrastructures of a number of local firms with extremely favorable results.  Some of these can be accessed in the Corporate Feedback pages of ENDS.  I am currently fascinated by Wireless Network Infrastructures & Wireless Web Technologies and am involved in developing and hosting web sites & web based databases as well developing & implementing wireless networks.  My latest venture ENDS, LLC was established in the spring of 1999 to address the explosive growth, and thus the need for top-notch engineers, proficient in the areas of design & development of Corporate Network Infrastructures,  databases, website/domain hosting, e-commerce site design & development,  and integration of current technologies in every aspect of the business to increase and improve transactional efficiency.

I am always looking for interesting projects, preferably in the Information Technology sector, where my abilities will be challenged and I would be an integral part in accelerating that potential success.  My objective as always is to apply 15+ years of Sales and Information Technology expertise in an environment which will promote further professional growth while contributing something towards the greater good of humanity.  I am hard working, honest and responsible, who believes in a symbiotic relationship with my Clients.  I am also a fast learner who you can depend on as an extension of yourself and your ideals.  I am confident that I and my Company will be a very loyal and valuable asset to you and your Company.

If I should meet your preliminary requirements for a project you are developing, please send me an e-mail at and I will be happy to accommodate a professional interview at your convenience.

Thank You,

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